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Collect free bitcoin every hour and earn interest every day!

Getting Started

  • Create an account by going to and clicking Sign Up in the top right.
  • Once your account is verfied, go to Free BTC, complete the captcha and click Roll!
  • You will earn free bitcoin every hour you roll!

Bitcoin Savings Account

  • Depending on your luck, or how many referrals you have, it will take a long time to earn .0003 Bitcoin, but when you do, you will earn 4.08% per year in interest! That's better than my actual cash bank!
  • You can also deposit money by clicking Deposit and sending Bitcoin to that address
  • If you have other coins like ETH or XMR, you can convert them to Bitcoin using Changelly

Beware of Multiply BTC Dice Game!

It seems easy, and you may win a lot in the beginning simply betting the minimum and doubling your bet each time you lose, until you win... but eventually you will run out of money to double your bet with... Stick to the free coins, savings account, and referrals.

Take your Money and Run

Mining is regarded as a long-term investment, it took many years for Bitcoin to go from pennies to thousands of dollars. The idea is to collect now, and sell later for much higher profits. However, you may want to take out some cash now to re-invest in hardware.

Services such as CoinBase are easy to send Bitcoin to and convert to cash:

  • Sign up and Log in to CoinBase
  • Click Tools
  • Click the dropdown below addresses and change it to your BTC Wallet
  • Click Create New Address on the right side
  • Copy this new address and paste it into the withdrawal address on FreeBitcoin

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the captcha?
If you deposit or earn enough coins, the captcha will go away.